A building being destroyed

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A Memphis building being destroyed viewed through an archway of a church.
When I returned to Memphis after spending the past 15 years in Boulder, I had the chance to watch as this building was demolished on Union Avenue in Midtown. Rather than knock the building down all at once, this distraction arm gradually knocked off pieces from top to bottom. The really compelling thing watching the destruction was when something large would fall, trail dust and kick up a cloud of debris when it hit the ground.

What I like about this photo is a bit of post-processing color and the debris falling from the building shell. I had seen the building before on Union and know how tall it is, but the photo leaves that detail out.

I also liked sitting across Union Avenue in the shade of the Idlewild church watching the building being slowly eaten by the destructive jaws.  Now a new Kroger stands in place of this building. These photos will capture a past time. As I go past this part of Union on my way to work each day, I donít have a memory of the building. It is like it was never there. The new store in its place still seems new. Because Kroger is there I canít forget it, but the tall building that is now gone is also forgotten.

This photo was made with my SONY 7r and a 200mm f4 SONY Lens. 

Panorama of 4 church arches and a building being destroyed across the street.

I shot this panorama with my iPhone. This is one of the relaxing locations I sat to watch the destruction of this old building.

Photos of Memphis: https://www.flickr.com/gp/timmwheat/R2LzQ8

Photos of St. Louis: https://www.flickr.com/gp/timmwheat/G7788V

Photo by Tim Wheat.

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